Give Your Dog a Bath

Give Your Dog a Bath

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When your dog needs a bath, don't make a mess by trying to do it yourself. Save your dog from a stressful experience and bring him to Unleashed. We're a trusted dog grooming service in Amarillo, TX. You can rely on us to groom your dog, no matter how big or small your canine friend might be.

Call us at 806-355-1222 today to discuss your dog grooming needs with the professional pet stylist at Unleashed.

Interested in pet styling?

We offer that too!

If you are looking for more than just your average groomer, come in and see the difference in a pet stylist. When it comes to your pet our pet stylists will work with you to help you find the style that works best for your furry friend.

Unleashed can do more for your pet than just a shave, most coats can be brushed out and saved rather than shaved with regular maintenance. Every dog that comes in will have a skin and coat evaluation before the bath and we will discuss what we think is best for you both. Scissor work is a must for every pet. As a pet stylist, Alyssa can work with even seemingly unmanageable coats to give them a scissored style that looks adorable and is easy to maintain.

Simplify your dog grooming needs

Unleashed is a trusted pet spa and dog bath in Amarillo, TX. Our services include:

  • Bathing your pet using dog-safe shampoos
  • Drying your dog by hand to help keep them comfortable
  • Trimming your pup's coat to keep his fur healthy

We also provide complimentary teeth brushing and nail trimming services.

Contact us today to schedule a grooming appointment for your dog.